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Pastor Aaron Soto

Meet the pastor

Aaron Soto has been preaching about the love of Jesus Christ for most of his life. Pastor Soto, along with his wife, Heather, have served in full-time ministry since 1994. They have three children: Blake, Breylin, and Bryson. Aaron Soto has a unique gift of communicating biblical truth and inspiring people to live out their purpose for God. Though in demand nationally and internationally for speaking engagements and leadership training, Pastor Soto makes pastoring the people of ATC his priority.

ATC Know Services

8:30 AM & 11:00 am Sundays

  • Know Service

    Attend our Know Services on Sunday morning. The combination of our worship, teaching, and prayer provide the perfect opportunity to get to know Jesus for yourself. This service includes:

    • Worship - True worship always provides a dynamic encounter with Jesus. The Bible encourages us to express our worship in many ways, including singing, lifting hands and clapping. Our music will draw you into the presence of God.

    • Teaching - We believe that the Bible is valuable for everyday living. Our teaching is scriptural, passionate and God-directed. You will appreciate how the simple, powerful teaching relates to your life.

    • Prayer - You will experience meaningful prayer throughout the service. However, your most powerful prayer moment may occur after the teaching, when your heart has been opened to God. At this time we give people the option to come forward, to pray in their seats, or to be dismissed.
  • Kidz Live

    Every Sunday morning, we will have a dynamic service in the Fellowship Hall for ATC Kidz. KidzLive is our KNOW service. We want to know Jesus, through live worship, small group time, skits and sermons, complete with an altar call, to introduce students to Jesus and guide them into renewing their walk in the Spirit every week.

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  • Little Sprouts

    Every Sunday morning Little Sprouts offers a safe and loving environment for our youngest members to learn how much God loves them.

    Little Sprouts welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

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Stop by our hospitality suite after your first Sunday morning service and meet our pastoral staff. We have a gift for you and we look forward to meeting you and sharing some refreshments.

ATC Grow Services

7:00 pm Wednesdays

  • Wisdom University

    Every Wednesday evening ATC has Wisdom University.

    Come and journey with us as we explore the Word of God and how it is relevant to our time and lives.  

  • Surge Student Ministries

    While you are enjoying Wisdom University, your teenager will enjoy Surge Student Ministries in the ATC Youth Room.  Your teen will be changed through the transformational approach of Surge Student Ministries. 

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  • Wisdom U Kidz

    On Wednesday night, we want to GROW in Jesus. Staff and students will all meet briefly in the ATC Kidz Sanctuary for a song, a message or thought to reflect on, then dismiss to our small groups. There we will dig into the Word of God, talk about how to apply it to to our lives, memorize Scripture, and guide students to becoming who they are meant to be in Jesus. And we'll have some fun along the way!

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  • Little Sprouts

    Every Wednesday evening Little Sprouts offers a safe and loving environment for our youngest members to learn how much God loves them.

    Little Sprouts welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 5 years

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